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Как начать переводить тексты медицинской и фармацевтической тематики

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies for translators. From Bitcoins to Smart contracts.
Une vue d’ensemble de la révision et des contrôles qualité
Gestión de Activos y Fondos de Inversión
Plus subscriber small group profile review

Plus subscriber small group profile review

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Getting Started Part 1 – Translating

Machine Translation and Post Editing - Can automatic Translation and Translations Memories be combined for a better and faster result?
SDL Trados Studio 2017 Intermediate

Translation Project Management – 2nd part: Volumes and other counts

Le B.A.-BA de la traduction financière et juridique

Terminology: Building Non-CAT Glossaries (18T08)
Начинающему медицинскому переводчику: перевод документации клинических испытаний

SOAP Notes and Medical Charts: The Nitty Gritty of Medical Reports
SDL Trados Studio 2017 for Project Managers – Part 1 Managing Projects
Novedades fiscales: la Ley de Reformas Urgentes del Trabajo Autónomo

New Getting Your Prices Right 2018
How to Transcribe and Translate Videos on YouTube
How to Translate a Summary of Product Characteristics

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Advanced
SDL Trados Studio 2017 Getting Started Part 1 – Translating

SDL Trados Studio 2017 for Project Managers – Part 2 Streamlining Projects and Pre-production

Terminology: How to Best Find Terms Online (18T09)

Your essential machine translation briefing
Plus subscriber small group profile review
Financial Translation: Introduction to Asset Management and Investment Funds
Le B.A-BA de la traduction financière : la gestion d'actifs

SDL Trados Studio 2017 Intermediate

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“Pritam Bhattacharyya, I thank you for this presentation, that was very interesting. Many issues have been tackled, of situations that I face or have been facing already, plus of some that are still ahead on our path.

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Interpreting: Fundamental concepts for Beginners (18i01)

Are you thinking of entering the language industry as an interpreter? Do you think you could benefit from stopping to think where you are professionally and where you could be going?  Would you like to have a relatively simple template to map your future?  Don’t miss this call to your future in the industry.

Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation: Resources and Translation Strategies for New Translators

Meeting clients at

Learn how to apply winning strategies to get the most out of the site.

IMPORTANT: This session will not be recorded, but you can sign up for upcoming sessions or watch a video on "Getting the most out of your profile".

Audacity: Free Recording Software for Voice Over Projects

Have you ever had to translate something that was meant to be recorded and wished you could offer a translation + voice over combo service? With Audacity, you can record and edit audio files on the fly. You will learn how to set up your hardware (microphone and headphone) and manage your audio clips. Basic voice over skills will also be addressed, so that you can create samples of your voice and submit it to potential clients.

The Language of Legal Correspondence: Reading and Understanding Legal Communications

Everything you need to know to be able to effectively analyze and translate standard legal correspondence.

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