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Freelance translators and translation companies

The United States has a large and growing translation industry. The U.S. market is bigger than any other country, and many of the largest translation companies are based there as well. The U.S. also has many independent freelance translators.

Several thousand professionals are members of the "American Translators Association", which offers certification and promotes the profession.

The community in the United States is one of the largest. Over 100 powwows and events have been held throughout the country

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Translation associations and schools in યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્

SchoolUniversity of Tennessee-Knoxville
SchoolDepartment of Comparative Literature, Indiana University
AssociationFlorida Chapter of ATA
AssociationRegistry of Interpreters for the Deaf
SchoolLa Salle University
SchoolTest of English for International Communication - TOEIC
AssociationCarolina Association of Translators and Interpreters
SchoolFlorida International University, Department of Modern Languages
SchoolPortland State University
SchoolState University of Binghamton (SUNY)

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Upcoming and past events in યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્

Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Miami Beach Feb 3
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Aventura Dec 2, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Honolulu Nov 6, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Anchorage Jul 12, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Hallandale Jul 8, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Philadelphia Jun 1, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - San Jose May 4, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Morro Bay Apr 25, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Aventura Apr 23, 2017
Powwow યૂનાઇટેડ સ્ટેટસ્ - Oakland Apr 22, 2017

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Small World Language Services
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 56 entries)
Translators Without Borders
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 41 entries)
SpokenHere Communications LLC
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 38 entries)
Elanex Inc. / Elanex
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 36 entries)
Rebuild Babel
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 34 entries)
Alex Translation Services / Alex Wang
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 32 entries)
Tranlanguage Inc. / Diego Rodriguez
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 32 entries)
Pastor Steven L Anderson
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 30 entries)
Acclaro / Acclaro Inc.
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 30 entries)
Feature Subtitling & Translation
(Avg. LWA 5 out of 5, 29 entries)

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